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Safety4Eyes is a division of Value Products Ltd, Unit 3, 2 Lansdowne Crescent, Bournemouth, BH1 1SA

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Best Sellers

Bollé Rush+ Glasses
As Low As £6.36
Fully adjustable spectacle with a more sporty design than the "Rush"
Bollé Contour Glasses
As Low As £6.36
Sturdy yet extremely lightweight safety glasses available in four lens options
Bollé Silium Glasses
As Low As £6.78
The top selling Bollé spectacles thanks to their subtle, simple design
Bollé B-Line Glasses
As Low As £2.39
A pair of safety glasses geared towards common industrial risks
As Low As £1.26
Storage options for safety glasses
B-Line Safety Face shield
As Low As £5.70
A safety face shield geared towards the most common industrial risks
Bollé Tracker Glasses
As Low As £8.28
The Tracker offers protection from all mechanical and chemical risks
Bollé Slam Glasses
As Low As £4.14
A stylish design for those looking for a smarter look
As Low As £0.96
Low cost protection with hard coating for added scratch resistance
Bollé Cords
As Low As £1.02
Polyester and sport cords from brand leader Bollé
Bollé Bandido Glasses
As Low As £3.36
Economical eye protection made from highly resistant polycarbonate
Bollé Contour Metal Glasses
As Low As £9.00
A heavier alternative to the more lightweight "Contour" spectacle
Bollé Cobra Glasses
As Low As £7.08
180 degree vision with wrap around fit for no visual interference
Bollé Spider Glasses
As Low As £5.99
A safety spectacle designed with outdoor activities in mind
As Low As £1.86
A sleek and modern design with hard coated lenses
Standard Cords
As Low As £0.54
A range of standard neck cords from Ultimate Industrial
Eyewash Cabinet
As Low As £11.34
Keeps supplies clean, safe and secure whilst ensuring they are always visible
Bollé Rush Glasses
As Low As £4.02
A lightweight model which offers perfect optical quality mixed with excellent levels of all round vision
As Low As £4.02
Ideal for issuing to site visitors and wearers of prescription glasses
As Low As £15.42
180 degrees field of vision with a wrap-around fit for all head shapes
Bollé Axis Glasses
As Low As £6.42
Sports inspired safety glasses with high levels of adjustability and comfort
Java Sport
As Low As £2.34
Economical yet stylish the Java Sport is suitable for continuous use
Bollé IRI-S Glasses
As Low As £8.28
Features a memory foam bridge and full height, width and depth adjustability
B-Line Overglasses
As Low As £1.62
Part of the B-Line eyewear range offering fantastic value for money
Bollé Viper Glasses
As Low As £5.28
A classic design which fits all shapes and sizes due to adjustable temples
As Low As £9.84
A highly flexible frame with adjustable strap for high levels of comfort
Standard Sterile Eyewash Pods
As Low As £5.46
Sterile saline eyewash pods suitable for single use
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