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Frequently Asked Questions

Following an activity-related risk assessment, it has been determined that I will require eye protection. How do I ensure that the most appropriate eye protection is identified and selected?

As with all types of personal protective equipment (PPE), the selection of the most appropriate eye protection is vital in order to protect the wearer from the hazards identified.

The human eye is particularly prone to damage from three main hazards: mechanical hazards, chemicals and radiation.

There are three main types of eye protection that can be used: safety spectacles/eye shields, goggles and face shields. For those who wear glasses, safety spectacles can incorporate corrective lenses while eye shields can be fitted over prescription glasses.

In terms of selection, BS7028:1999 Eye protection for industrial and other uses. Guidance on selection, use and maintenance, notes that “to provide a complete classification of an eye protector it is necessary to specify the intended use, the style and the performance category. It may also be necessary to separately specify the type of ocular, which may be clear, welding, UV, IR, sun glare or mesh”.

The British Standard goes on to provide additional information on the selection process. It states that if the procedure is not performed satisfactorily then the effect on the wearer could range from minor discomfort through minor injury to complete loss of sight. In summary, the following process is recommended.

  • Identify the basic type of protection required (i.e. general, welding or laser use).
  • Determine the performance requirements of the eye protection.
  • Consider if corrective eyewear is required.
  • Select the most appropriate style to match performance requirements.
  • Consider comfort, fit and compatibility requirements.
  • Select ocular type and coating requirements.
  • Consider spares, provider and user trials.

The performance requirements include the ability to prevent high-speed impacts from particles, liquid splashes/droplets, dust particles, molten metals, etc. BS7028 then provides guidance as to the most appropriate design or style for these particular hazards.

BS7028 emphasises that “it is good practice to offer the wearer a wide selection of suitable eye protectors and to carry out wearer trials to assess subjective parameters such as comfort, fit, aesthetic appeal, ease of maintenance, compatibility with other items of PPE, etc”. The importance of comfort and fit should not be overlooked during selection. Wearers of uncomfortable products will be tempted to remove them, or not even wear them, in the hazardous environment. Compatibility with other items of PPE may also have a bearing on selection.

How do I know which type of Safety Glasses I should purchase?

The following gives a guide on what type of Safety Glasses are used for what type of environment.

Safety Spectacles
As above but for operators of low speed machinery, where there is a low to moderate risk of flying particles.

Spectacles and eye shields can only be offered as low energy impact eye protectors. This is mainly because spectacles and eye shields sit on the wearers’ nose where all impact energy has to be absorbed. If higher impacts are expected then goggles and face shields must be looked at.

Low Energy Liquid, Dust Safety Goggle
Suitable for use where the main hazard is liquid droplets such as using cleaning fluids or handling chemicals.

Medium Energy Impact Safety Goggle
Suitable for use in areas where the main hazard is large flying particles.

Medium Energy Liquid, Dust Safety Goggle
Suitable for use where the hazards are small flying particles, liquid droplets and dust, such as when pressure washing or operating high speed machine tools.

Face shields
Suitable for use in areas where the hazards include liquid splash and where there is a requirement to protect the whole face.

Safety Eye shields
These are suitable for visitors to factories or other persons observing work where the risk of flying particles is low.

How do I know if the Safety Glasses will fit my face?

All of our Safety Glasses are designed to fit most face types but some models are made to fit specific wearers i.e. Covers Specs which are made to fit over the top of spectacles but can also be worn by any face type.

How Can I Order From You?

There are a number of ways you can order from us:

By freephone on 0800 1777118
By email on sales@safety4eyes.co.uk
Online at www.safety4eyes.co.uk

Which Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We accept the following payment methods via our secured website:

Are Prices Inclusive Or Exclusive Of VAT?

Prices listed exclude VAT.

What are your shipping and delivery charges?

All orders received before 4:30pm will be delivered next day for in-stock items only. Deliveries to some home addresses and/or regions may take up to 5 days, please see our delivery page for more details.

How Long Will It Take For My Order To Be Delivered?

Safety4Eyes will deliver all orders for in-stock items received before 4:30pm next working day. Please note; there are some regions we are currently unable to guarantee next day delivery to. These areas include parts of Aberdeen, Carlisle, Stornoway, Isle Of Man, Inverness, North Ayrshire, Kirkwall, Cumbria, Isle Of Bute, Argyll, Perth, Isles Of Scilly & Lerwick. For further details of delivery to these areas please call our sales team on 0800 1777 118.

What if my goods are damaged or missing?

In the unlikely event that you have not received your items or they are damaged, you must make any claims for damaged or missing product within 3 working days of receipt of delivery. Safety 4 Eyes reserves the right to refuse any claims made after 3 working days. For further details please call our sales team on 0800 1777 118. This does not affect your Customer’s statutory rights.

I would like to post a review or make a complaint.

If you wish to make a complaint please use the details on our Contact Us page. To make a review of our customer service, after a few days of purchasing your product you will receive an email to your registered email address with a link to eKomi, an Independent Customer Feedback Company, requesting details on what you thought of our customer service whilst going through the process of purchasing your product.

Do you supply Prescription Safety Glasses?

At this moment in time we do not supply Prescription Safety Glasses but this may well happen in the future, please keep checking back to our website for further updates.

Do you sell wholesale to Distributors or Retailers?

Yes we do sell wholesale to Retailers and Distributors and we can give discounts for larger orders, please use the details on our Contacts Us page to make contact.

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